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Deepak Ji Residence


Hari Nagar, Delhi





Private House

Size- 1000sq.ft. 

Welcome to our project located in Harinagar. Our main focus for this project is to address the major issue of storage in flats. We have dedicated our efforts to increase storage capacity, ensuring that residents have ample space to keep their belongings organized.

To enhance the overall luxury of the flats, we have incorporated various design elements. One such element is the use of different colors and metal inlay work on the doors. This adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the interiors. Additionally, our team has utilized P.O.P (Plaster of Paris) work to giving the flat a luxurious feel in a cost-effective manner.

Our project strives to provide practical solutions to storage challenges while creating a luxurious living environment for the residents. With our attention to detail and cost-effective approach, we aim to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the flats in Harinagar.

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